Take advantage of sale pricing, see the full agenda and learn more about the pre-conference workshops taking place all over India. An impressive intranet that employees want to use is not out of your reach. Improve yours and learn:How to make company news and updates so interesting that employees can’t resist reading. Strategies to create advocates and informal leaders to help increase adoption and measure success. How to get executives excited about the new tools. Ways to train and engage employees—even when they resist. Why email is a key piece of social collaboration. How to inject personalities and character into your content. Where else can you get a dozen intranet case studies and countless feasible ideas you can bring back to your team? You and your internal communications cannot afford to miss this conference.

“The conference has a fantastic programmed of speakers including practitioners all over the world covering topics which we as professionals are dealing with in our daily jobs. Talks will cover topics such as Measuring Control Effectiveness, Effective Defense Strategies for Cyber Security, Intelligence Led Security, Supply Chain Risk Management, Weapon sing Cyber-currencies, Harmonizing Privacy Compliance, Revisiting XSS Sanitization, GRC Tool Implementation and much, much more. We want to bring the Irish information systems community together for this educational and great networking event,” he continued.

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